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In March 2001, I started with the first release of TranceLinx, which was just a place with only links to other trance related sites. In the years following, I added more and more items about DJ's, producers and music labels. Especially DJ TiŽsto and his Black Hole label got special attention. I've always updated the site with the latest news and releases, and the site was growing and growing, became more popular and gained a lot of visitors. The reactions from people were always very positive and I want to thank everybody for visiting this site. Please remember that I've always done this for you!

But now, three and a half year later, it's time to make a hard decision. Time is changing and so am I.
I'll have to stop with this site, because it takes too much time to keep it updated. From now on I will just concentrate on my other sites:
www.tiestofan.tk and
This site won't be updated anymore, but the info's will stay available.
Feel free to
contact me.

Keep the scene alive,
DJ Bend-It