Ferry was born at the 4th of December 1973. When he was living and working
in Rotterdam, Ferry could be found in Nighttown where he met Ronald Molendijk,
the resident deejay of Nighttown. He produced his first dance records
long before he became a real celebrity. His first tracks were released
on Ronald's Basic Beat label and were played by all major deejays.

His enthusiasm led to many more productions for other dance orientated
record companies. His Kinky Toys, Moonman, Gouryella
and System F productions are legendary.

In 2000 he was voted as the European number one producer
by the UK based magazine "Muzik", the most prestigious awards
available in the dance scene. He remixed Moby and Faithless
and has worked together with William Orbit, the producer of Madonna's latest album.
In 2003 he gained the number 6 spot in the DJ mag Top 100.
A logical step for Ferry into the major league of producers, leaded by his own instinct:
only the fun of making music is important...

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LAST UPDATE: 15-11-2004

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